DZPool has been involved with the Cardano project at a very early stage. The nodes run on powerful and reliable cloud servers with 100% uptime and very low fees.

Pool info

Pledge: ADA
Fixed fee: ADA
Margin: 2 %


Total stake: ADA
Last rewards: Epoch
Blocks in epoch:
Lifetime blocks:
ROA: %

Pool ID:

More info on ADApools.org

What is staking?

The concept of Proof of Stake is to sign or validate blocks without mining and by using coins instead. The more coins one stakes the larger influence he has on the network.
Every time a staker signs a block or participates in the process, he receives a part of the reward proportional to his contribution.


By staking ada you receive 5% rewards on your stake annually.
You earn rewards every epoch (5 days) starting from the third epoch following your first stake.

How to stake

You can start staking by following a few easy steps: